Kayak School

Kayak School overview

Are you interested in learning to kayak but do not know where to start? Paddle Moab is now offering a kayaking class! Equipment and lunch is provided for all courses. 

Level 1:This is an introduction to kayaking with skirts. We will begin by covering what equipment is necessary and how to fit properly into your kayak. Then we will head to Kens Lake to practice self-rescue, strokes, edging, posture, bracing, and an introduction to the roll. If you have never kayaked before but looking to get started this is the class for you! This class may have up to 5 people and take about a half day to complete. 

Level 2This course will build on what is learned in level 1 and dive into basic river knowledge and how to use features in the river to your advantage while in moving water. Basic moves such as the eddy turn, ferry, and peel outs will be taught as well as handling small river obstacles. This is a great class to transfer skills learned on flatwater to moving water and perfecting basic river maneuvers. Participants should be familiar with skirted kayaks and be able to perform a wet exit prior to taking this course (Level 1 or equivalent). This course takes about a ½ to complete.

Level 3This course takes what is learned in level 1 and 2 by taking the skills acquired down river on class I+/II rapids. During this course, we will cover river running tactics, safety and communication. This class also goes over how to read water, scout rapids, and identify any hazards that may be in the river. Basic river maneuvers will be continued to be practiced as well as an introduction to surfing and playing in small river features. A full level 3 course takes about a full day and knowledge of small river features is required prior to taking this course.

Level 4This course is designed to take your skills from class II water and build on them for bigger water. Jet ferries, catching micro eddies, rolling in current, and advanced strokes will all be covered in this course. This course will also cover how to make easier whitewater more exciting by making moves in faster current and through slalom gates. Prerequisite for this class is level 3 or equivalent and a mostly consistent flatwater roll.

EX1- focus on the rollThis course is all about perfecting your roll through proper paddle technique and body mechanics. A solid roll is extremely important to become a whitewater kayaker. This course is great for kayakers looking to get their first roll but also for kayakers who are trying to improve their current roll.