April 27, 2019

In the summer of 2012, you might have just started hearing about a new sport called, stand up paddle boarding. Let’s flash forward to 2019, hopefully by now you have at least either seen stand up paddle boarding, had a family member tell you they tried, or tried it yourself.  If you fall into the first category of “seen it”, keep reading. If you fall into the second category, “a family member told you about it”, keep reading. Last, if you fall into (the best) category, “tried it”, guess what? Keep reading. I want to tell you all about why stand up paddling boarding in Moab, UT on the Colorado River is a must do for first timers all the way to experienced paddle boarders. First, stand up paddle boarding or commonly referred to as, SUP, is a fantastic way to spend the day. You can do it virtually any body of water. Here in Moab, we have the deeply colorful, Colorado River flowing just 5 minutes from town. Using a stand up paddle board on the river offers a unique and tranquil experience that you do not get on any other watercraft. Stand up paddling gives a sense of being able to walk on water. You can stand tall and view the red sandstone canyon walls that surround you or have a seat and feel the river flow beneath you. It is a feeling that is unlike another and you should experience it for yourself.Next, let’s talk about experience needed. I’ll be frank, none. You do not need any experience to try stand up paddle boarding here in Moab.  Stand up paddle boarding has a pretty short learning curve. This makes the sport accessible and fun for most people.After you have hired Moab’s original SUP company, Paddle Moab, they will supply all the paddle board gear, including a personal flotation device, as well as a certified SUP Instructor and Guide. The only thing you need is a good attitude and willingness to have a good time and try. Will you fall? Probably. However, the worst thing that can happen is you take a swim, cool off, and have a good laugh. During the hot summer months, this is a welcome treat; yet another reason to try stand up paddling in Moab. Speaking of Paddle Moab, another great thing is, if you have experience and would prefer to not use a guide, Paddle Moab offers both rentals and rides to the river. This offers the same great experience without a guide, letting you create your own adventure.So let’s review, stand up paddle boarding in Moab is accessible, a unique and breathtakingly beautiful way to experience the river and  just plain fun.Why are you still reading this? Go out and paddle!